The perfect solution for swimmers, triathletes and more! Be confident in open waters and swim freely. Support swimming buoys with a dry interior.


OTOboja is manufactured in three models, each in two colours – either orange or pink.
The inflatable support buoy with a dry interior for use during swimming is made of durable, flexible, lightweight and buoyant material. It does not affect your position in the water, swimming training or swimming technique. The product is targeted at all swimming enthusiasts – both professionals and amateurs – of all ages. Feel confident in open waters and swim freely.
An inflatable support buoy that will make a swimming training session an entirely new experience. It will make you feel safe in every body of water.
The perfect solution for long swims and training in saltwater.
With his model you will always have a drink or snack (gels, power bars) at hand.
Get one for your child, make them happy, and you’ll be guaranteed a relaxed rest during family trips to the lake. OTOboja's mini version of the CLASSIC model is designed for children and youngsters who know how to swim.

Why should you trust OTOboja?

OTOboja is for everyone, regardless of age and gender. With OTOboja you will come back from each training expedition with a smile on your face. Why?
  • Dry interior

    Say goodbye to problems such as leaving the keys, documents, or wallet on the beach. Now you can take all these, and more, with you in a waterproof, floating OTOboja buoy.
  • Small size

    You can have a small and handy OTOboja with you, all the time. Choose any moment to start your safe and responsible swim in open waters.
  • Visibility

    Safety first! Thanks to the bright colours you will be visible to other active users in the water, as well as people on the beach.
  • No restrictions

    OTOboja will make you independent, for training without the risk and fear of muscle cramps. It allows you to rest in the middle of a lake or out at sea.
  • Nutrition

    Do you dream of long swims without returning to shore? Now it’s possible. With the OTOboja Bottle Holder you can take a drink, gels and energy bars with you.
  • Child-friendly

    Does your child love water and can swim already? With OTOboja's JUNIOR version he or she will become even more accustomed to the open waters, and you will be able to enjoy a rest, knowing that someone else also cares about your child's safety.


I had the pleasure of testing new bottle holder model, this year introduced on polish market. Unlike classic model this new one has the open pocket, available always when you need it! You can store there bottle with water or your favorite drink or even gels for very long swimming sessions. I appreciated it especially during swimming in salt water in Nice. Bottle full of fresh water was priceless after longer period of swimming in very salt water. Just like the classic one, you can use bottle holder model to help you rest on the open water or even use it for kicking drill J Bottle holder model is very multifunctional accessory for every triathlete!
First of all buoy gave me the feeling of safety and confidence during swimming on open water. I am no longer worried about going for lonely swimming cause keys and documents I can store in dry bag inside the buoy. I am also not worried about canoeists floating in the lake I train in. Although I packed into buoy also my clothes and shoes, it still was able to keep me on the surface! Lifeguards were also very glad because of my visibility from a distance.


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